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Transactions not supported

JerryPJerryP Member Posts: 1

Hi, I'm actually a newbie to AMQP and Solace. I have questions regarding a issue publishing message using "AMQP 1.0 library for .Net" to Solace.
i) I kept getting "Transactions not supported" when I try to publish message in a transaction scope. May I know if this is an expected exception? The Solace's AMQP 1.0 conformance documentation seems to mention that "An event broker does not support transactional messaging."
ii) If so, may I know if any of you would be so kind to guide me to any existing community message that provide the workaround? I've been trying to search the community messages to no avail...

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  • TomFTomF Member, Employee Posts: 100 Solace Employee
    Accepted Answer

    Hi @JerryP, Solace does support transactions in two ways:

    • "local transactions" - a proprietary feature of Solace that requires the use of native APIs to use;
    • XA transactions - which require an XA infrastructure and JMS.
      So you won't be able to use transactions in AMQP. Since you're using .Net, you could use the Solace native .Net API with local transactions.
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