Development Best Practices

swami Member Posts: 3

What are the best practices in solace development except naming queues/topics?
And what are the restrictions, recommendations to be followed?
How failover takes place.
could you please some information related to this?



  • TomF
    TomF Member, Employee Posts: 406 Solace Employee

    Hi @swami, the most important best practice is the Topic Taxonomy. This has a huge effect on decoupling, whether publishers have to double publish, security... the list goes on. Have a look at our Topic Taxonomy Best Practices.
    Some other recommendations:

    • Keep your session open - don't open a session, send a message, and close the session
    • Don't use AUTO_ACNOWLEDGE. Call acknowledge explicitly. And only do that once you've completely finished with the message.

    Failover is automatically handled by the broker. All the client sees is a TCP disconnection. There are reconnection timers that need to be adjusted to allow the brokers time to establish a new TCP session, but that's all a developer needs to worry about. The message flow will automatically pick up where it left off.