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Solace Confirm Delivery pattern is always executes responseReceivedEx() method in every case in Mule

Abdul_Majid_MangrioAbdul_Majid_Mangrio Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 3

Solace Confirm Delivery pattern is always executing responseReceivedEx() method in every case, i am implementing JCSMPStreamingPublishCorrelatingEventHandler in my custom Connector in Mulesoft.
weather the queue name is wrong or correct but it always goes in responseReceivedEx() method? Why?


  • TomFTomF Member, Employee Posts: 116 Solace Employee

    Hi @Abdul_Majid_Mangrio, I think what you're asking here is why do I always get what appears to be a successful message receipt from the broker, even if the queue name is wrong?

    The good news is that you're thinking about dealing with publisher acknowledgments from the broker - you'd be surprised how many people don't.

    Are you sure you're sending to a queue and not a topic? This is important. We recommend you always send to a topic, because you can then implement the persistent publish/subscribe pattern. It's an extension of the point to point send to a queue pattern, except you get a lot more power and flexibility.

    If you are sending to a topic (good) there is one final thing to be aware of. You need to instruct the broker to tell you if no-one (and that includes a queue) is listening to this topic: turn on the "Reject Messages to Sender On No Subscription Match Discard" switch in the client profile for your publisher. It's off by default for historic reasons. Once you do this and publish to a topic with no subscribers, you'll see handleErrorEx() called with exception "503: No Subscription Match - Topic ..."

  • swenhelgeswenhelge Member, Employee Posts: 46 Solace Employee
    edited October 14

    When it comes to writing a custom Mulesoft connector for Solace ... have a look at this:
    It's open source, provided as-is.
    Examples on usage here ...

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