Exceeding max queue spool blocks publishers?

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If a client creates a queue with a topic subscription and then does not consume the queue for whatever reason, it will eventually reach its max spool usage. At this point anyone attempting to publish guaranteed messages to that topic will fail. Is there any way to prevent this publishers from being impacted in this situation? I'm new to Solace PubSub+, but this seems like a large risk for a single consumer to be able to block publishers. Ideally I'd like incoming messages to be discarded for the problem queue, or new messages to replace the oldest message in the queue.



  • marc
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    Hi @petegehrman,
    Yes, there is a configuration option on each queue called "Reject Messages to Sender on Discard" that allows for you to choose what you'd like to happen. You can find it in PS+ Manager under Queue Settings, but here are the options:

  • petegehrman
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    Thanks for the quick response @marc ! I missed that in the documentation.