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How to know total number of Endpoints are present in msgVpn via SEMP V2 ?

ManikantaManikanta Member Posts: 16

Is there any way to query(SEMP V2) to get:
1) Total number(count) of queues in a given msgVpn?
2) Total number of subscriptionTopics in a queue?
3) Total number of TopicEndpoints in a given msgVpn?


  • TomFTomF Member, Employee Posts: 246 Solace Employee

    Hi Manikanta, to my surprise it looks like the answer is "no" in SEMP v2, other than to request all the objects and count them yourself. It seems you can do this is SEMP v1 - there's a "Current Queues and Topic-Endpoints" field, for example.

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