SolaceCommunity Github Project Highlight - Prometheus Exporter

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Last week we launched our new SolaceCommunity Github organization that will host project showcasing how to integrate Solace API with different tools and technologies. Today we are highlighting one of the projects in that repo: Solace Prometheus Exporter.

This is a GoLang based tool that leverages the Solace Element Management Protocol (SEMP) to query stats and metrics about PubSub+ Event Brokers and publishes them in a Prometheus-friendly http endpoints

Check out the source code here and

And check out more deets in the following youtube video

Thanks for our community member @GreenRover for their contribution 👏

Let us know in the comments section down below if this is something you would be interested in using or even contributing to. Stay tuned next week for the next highlight of the solace community open source projects