Can Message Selectors be Used with AMQP

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Does AMQP support Message Selectors similar to JMS?


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  • dreamoka
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    @marc does message selector work for queue endpoint which the access type is exclusive?

    1st message in queue : type = abc

    2nd message in queue : type = def

    3rd message in queue : type = abc

    if my message selector is "type = def", will it purge the first and third message in the queue?

  • marc
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    Hi @dreamoka,

    Short answer: Yes they work with queues, no they don't purge the they will sit there until they expire.

    More info in docs here:

    **Note that I suggest NOT doing this if you can avoid it. Use a well-defined topic hierarchy that has the data in the topic that you want to filter on and then set up a queue which subscribes to only the messages that your app wants.