Queue holds only last message published on the given topic

cjasniew Member Posts: 15

I have a queue (Q1) and topic T1 assigned to it. I published few messages to that topic and then run queue subscriber. Queue shows only a last message published to the topic. Is it a setup issue?


  • TomF
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    Hi @cjasniew , almost certainly :-) I strongly suspect that what you've accidentally configured is a "Last Value Queue." Check the size of the spool quota. If it's 0, that's a configuration that creates an LVQ.

    LVQ's are very useful for doing things like determining what the last successfully published message was (for instance, if a publisher crashes it can tell what the last message it published was).

  • himanshu
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    Relevant documentation for Last Value Queue:

  • cjasniew
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    Thanks you for a comment.

  • cjasniew
    cjasniew Member Posts: 15

    What is a name of the queue which stores all messages published on the topic?

  • Tamimi
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    Hey @cjasniew - it is the same queue, there isint a specific queue. Its just a the configuration. You can check the size of the spool quota and make sure its not zero, alternatively you can create another queue with the default parameters and just add a subscription to the topic of choice. Hopefully this helps!