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Hi everyone,

Just to present me before: I'm Valdemar, from Portugal, and I'm starting my PhD thesis that I pretend to implement with Solace.

I'm trying to develop a python Publisher/Subscriber on a Raspberry Pi, by installing "solace-pubsubplus" but because it has an arm processor, it does not allows me to install the last version (1.0.0). Instead, it installs me the previous version (0.2.1), so when I run the publisher it does not allows me.

Steps until here:
1 - Install and configure software event broker on a laptop through Docker image (
2 - Install and configure solace on RaspberryPi (

Is there a version of the and codes that works with the solace-pubsubplus==0.2.1?

Best regards,
Valdemar Leiras


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    Hey @ValdemarLeiras ! Glad to have you here! If you like you can introduce yourself on the introductions thread.

    The Solace Python API is very new - it's only just been introduced. Have you thought about using one of the other messaging protocols? You could use the MQTT protocol to talk to your PI, and then use the Paho open source library. I know this works since we have demos using Node Red running on PIs talking to Solace over MQTT :-)

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