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Early Access is Now Available for the New Java API 🎉

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Early Access is Now Available for the brand new "PubSub+ Messaging API for Java" 🎉

Solace Community members can find out more about the API in the "Early Access API" category here:



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    That is great! Out of curiosity: what was the reason to develop a new Java API? Is there data for GA? Btw: we're developing a brand new Java connector for the Mendix platform, so that's why I'm asking. Thanks :)
    @PimvdNoll Check this out

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    Hey @sjaak! As you might be already aware, we have our Java API: JCSMP. This new Java API will bring newer feature of the Java language and have it more user-friendly to learn messaging concepts all while allowing a powerful API ! We will be adding more features to the new PubSub+ Message API for Java and aiming for GA in June of this year. I would recommend checking Andrew's talk in the upcoming global user conference he will be covering more details about the API with a quick demo on how to use it.
    Note: this does not mean JCSMP is being deprecated.

    Also - great to know about mendix connector!

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    @Tamimi , thanks. I'll pass the info to @PimvdNoll

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