Spring Cloud Stream Binder and Kerberos


I am looking to utilize the Spring Cloud Stream Binder for Solace PubSub and looking for examples of how to enable kerberos for the Solace binder connections. The examples all use username + password combinations.

Any samples on how to initialize using kerberos configs?


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  • alinaqvi
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    arda, I am assuming you are asking about how to handle the kerberos keytab files with spring cloud stream. If so then I would also be interested an answer for that :)

  • arda
    arda Member Posts: 5

    @jeremy - This did not work for me.

  • [Deleted User]
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    @arda said:
    @jeremy - This did not work for me.

    @arda - Thanks for letting us know what errors are you seeing? Any sample code you could show (minus any secret keys, etc.)?