Exchange Type , Routing key support

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In our existing project Exchange type and bindingRoutingKey used which is rabbit only feature what could be the work around for this feature in solace ?


  • TomF
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    Hi @akg17, there is a different way of doing things in Solace that can be a bit tricky to get used to at first.

    Routing and filtering in Solace is topic based. This means you have to get used to:

    • hierarchical topics
    • wildcard subscriptions
    • putting all the routing and filtering information in the topic

    What this means in practice is that you should consider putting the information you used to generate your routing key in the topic. Consumers can then use wildcards to subscribe to the data that interests them. It's worth having a look at the introduction to topics in the docs.

    For more general information on moving from Rabbit to Solace, have a look at this discussion.

  • akg17
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    @TomF Thanks for the above information also can you please provide me the resource to get some information how solace handles duplicate, any approach on this. parallelism limits, Autobind support, SOLACE Binder for SCS and its scalability