Solace Dynamic routing

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Is dynamic routing is same as dynamic destination binding
Dynamic routing as per rabbit all producer published to same queue, configured on routingKeyExpression for producer and consumer listener receives it based on bindingRoutingKey.
does this can be accomplished using stream bridge or BinderAwareChannelResolver??


  • ChristianHoltfurth
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    Hi @akg17 ,
    Solace PubSub+ is a publish subscribe broker. Dynamic routing is based on matching subscriptions to published topics and routing based on those matches. This is most closely comparable to Rabbit's Topic Exchange. Since you are a Rabbit user, I'd recommend you to read through my blog post that covers mapping Rabbit's exchange concepts onto a publish subscribe broker like Solace ( ).
    So in a way your binding key in Solace would be your topic subscription and your application will receive messages for which their topic subscription matches any published topics.
    You can find more details on our topics and how they work in our docs here: .

  • marc
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    Awesome, thanks for sharing @ChristianHoltfurth. I hadn't seen that blog before!