measure size of queued messages - how identify how many messages >10k shipped ?

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measure size of queued messages.

How identify how many messages >10k shipped ?

i only see the queue but not the size of message.

show queue ...



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    Hi @mathaase,
    three options come to my mind:

    Option 1:

    In your consumer queue set "max msg size allowed" to 10K.

    Then, all messages > 10K are discarded from your consumer queue and you can see discard statistics for that queue..
    Disadvantage: They are NOT available in the queue to the customer.

    Option 2:

    Setup a new audit queue with subscription to the topics you're interested in.
    Set the "max msg size allowed"
    Set "TTL" to a short time (e.g. 20 seconds...) - so this queue wont be filled with messages

    If you're just interested in a statistics, you can check discards on that audit queue for "message too big".

    Option 3:

    (derived from:

    Set the large-message-threshold in the message-vpn

    setting in the cli
    message-vpn xxx
    large-message-threshold 10000

    => With this config, you will see one-shot events (that have to be cleared afterwards) in event.log
    BUT: You can't identify the content of the message