FlowHandle received incoming message (flow stopped or duplicate received)

Kaliappans Member Posts: 24

Hi All,
When I try to configure Solace for multiple VPN connections, I am getting below exception while publishing message to ConsumerFlow. Please help.

"FlowHandle received incoming message (flow stopped or duplicate received), ignoring.
Could not reply for correlationId: 3926add4-4aab-4472-b7ab-4d460e0ecf30","exception"



  • marc
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    Hi @Kaliappans,

    Can you share a bit more detail? Are you connecting one app to multiple VPNs and trying to consume messages from each VPN? From your tags, would I be correct in saying you are using the Spring Boot JCSMP starter? or are you using a different API?

    Of course if you can share code that would also be useful :)