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How to get ReplicationGroupMessageId for message replay with Spring cloud stream

manzarulmanzarul Member Posts: 16

Hi ,
I was trying to find replayMsgId in message header using spring cloud stream , i printed all header which i received but not able to find any values as "rmid1:0117b-75462900ca8-00000000-00135082"

Headers which i got as below:

  1. solace_senderTimestamp --1628606024803
  2. solace_expiration -- 0
  3. deliveryAttempt -- 1
  4. solace_destination -- test/msg/replay
  5. solace_timeToLive -- 0
  6. solace_receiveTimestamp --0
  7. skip-input-type-conversion -- false
  8. solace_discardIndication -- false
  9. solace_priority ---1
  10. solace_redelivered --false
  11. id --1cbf2434-fb03-d17f-9174-1e3a2f0d6edf // this id is not accepted for message replay.
  12. contentType --application/json
  13. solace_senderId --Try-Me-Pub/solclientjs/chrome-91.0.4472-Windows-0.0.0/2758948243/0003
  14. timestamp --1628606684861

Need your help here to know how to get ReplicationGroupMessageId in spring cloud Stream project.


  • amackenzieamackenzie Member, Employee Posts: 98 Solace Employee

    Hello, this property is not currently exposed via Spring Cloud Stream Solace binder. I have created an internal request to have this added. I don't have a timeframe for it but we are aware that it's needed.

  • manzarulmanzarul Member Posts: 16

    Thanks for your help , is there any approx (max) time , since we are using spring cloud on production , so either we need to move on another framework to achieve this or if time line is near by then we can wait for same.

  • amackenzieamackenzie Member, Employee Posts: 98 Solace Employee

    I have created a PR in the GitHub that addresses this.

    I am a Product Manager at Solace, not a developer, so I am leaving it with the project maintainers to merge my PR. This should happen in the next day or 2.

    NOTE: the PR is to a version 2.2.0 staging branch. This is where version 2.2.0 will be worked on but we are not at the point where 2.2.0 is ready to be released (this change is actually the only thing in this branch so far). If you are going to use my fix before release of 2.2.0 (not likely to be released before Oct 2020), you would have to build the staging branch to pick it up.

  • amackenzieamackenzie Member, Employee Posts: 98 Solace Employee

    the PR has been merged

  • manzarulmanzarul Member Posts: 16

    Thanks a lot for such quicker response,
    Now you provided alternate to use , which is really appreciated!

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