webmethods JMS - Solace Integration

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This document give basic Integration steps on Integrating webmethods with Solace Event broker for Pub-sub



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    Awesome, thanks for sharing @dineshjhon 🎉

    Including the first part of your webmethods document here so it will be easier for folks to find via search.
    Looks like you used both MQTT and JMS with webmethods and Solace. Nice!

    Solace Publish / Subscribe (webMethods Integration)

    Solace pub-Sub broker helps to integrate application that runs on multiple protocol and supports wide variety of the Messaging patterns which were not supported or much complex implementation in traditional message brokers (Message Replay, No physical topic definition, slow consumer )

    wM Application ( mqtt ) -> Event Broker -> wM Application ( JMS )
    1. create MQTT Connection and connect to Solace Broker to publish message.
    2. create Publishing service to start publishing message to broker.
    1. create JMS Connection and Naming Definition and connect to Solace Broker to start receiving subscribed message.
    2. create subscribing service and trigger to start process the copy of the published message.