PubSub+ is on

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I wanted to share some exciting news - Solace PubSub+ is now an option on the Spring Initializr hosted at!

Spring Initializr allows developers to generate Spring Boot projects pre-populated with the dependencies they need to get started quickly. Projects can be generated directly on the site, and also from the cli and supported IDEs. Learn more in a blog here:

When selecting the Solace PubSub+ option developers will have the solace-jms-spring-boot-starter added to their project dependencies. This will of course allow them to use our Spring Boot JMS Starter in conjunction with all of Spring’s built-in niceties for JMS. These niceties, such as annotations like @JmsListener and features such as Session management, make it as easy as possible for Spring Developers to get started using PubSub+.

Happy Eventing!