How to use where condition in SEMP V2 for subcripticTopics?


http://xx.x.xx.x/SEMP/v2/config/msgVpns/xxxxx-xxxx-xx/queues/xxx_xxx_xxx_Xxxx/subscriptions?where=subscriptionTopic==SLOG//* --> 400 error -->Cannot query an ancestor
http://xx.x.xx.x/SEMP/v2/config/msgVpns/xxxxx-xxxx-xx/queues/xxx_xxx_xxx_Xxxx/subscriptions?where=subscriptionTopic==#SLOG// -->200 but empty response
http://xx.x.xx.x/SEMP/v2/config/msgVpns/xxxxx-xxxx-xx/queues/xxx_xxx_xxx_Xxxx/subscriptions?where=subscriptionTopic==#SLOG* -->200 but empty response
http://xx.x.xx.x/SEMP/v2/config/msgVpns/xxxxx-xxxx-xx/queues/xxx_xxx_xxx_Xxxx/subscriptions?where=subscriptionTopic==SLOGCLIENT -->200 but empty response
Example Subscription topics: "#SLOG//CLIENT//CLIENT_ADDITION_SA/>" , "#SLOG//SYS//SY_SESSION_FAIL/>"
How to use where condition in SEMP V2 call for these kind of scenarios? The pattern (in where=) is matching with the subscriptionTopic but still I am getting empty response. What is the reason ? Is there any different way for these scenarios? Please provide some examples to use where condition.



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    Hello @Manikanta
    Not all query-able items in SEMPv2 are able to be filtered. In the API docs, the "where" parameter is present where available and not present where it is not valid.
    A good way to tell if "where" is valid (outside of the API docs) is to look in the Manager UI. If filtering is supported in the UI, then there is a SEMPv2 equivalent.
    There is no filter support for subscriptionTopics.