Solace Developer Spotlight: Manish Yadav

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Hometown: Ranchi, Capital city of state Jharkhand in India
Born and brought up in: Bihar (a state in India)
Years of being a developer: 5
Primary programming language(s): None but basic Core Java. I’m a pure Integration Developer/Architect with a zero-code MuleSoft integration platform.

How did you start as a developer?

I joined Infosys in 2015 as a Core Java Developer to develop system APIs for one of the largest global banks and some POCs on how to connect Solace PubSub+ with Mule Runtime 3.7. Now I am an Integration Architect at Billennium S.A, Warsaw, Poland.

What is your typical day like?

Regardless of the day, I always start my day with a daily routine: having Indian tea or coffee, worshiping God, and thanking God for everything. Then it depends on what is there on my calendar.

As an Integration Architect, I spend a typical day by:

  • Meeting the Client Architect to discuss the MVP requirements.
  • Doing system integration, mostly integrating Solace PubSub+ with MuleSoft nowadays.
  • Solving critical technical challenges across the organization.
  • Doing technical job interviews to hire people who can help our clients achieve event-driven future-proof architecture as part of their digital journey transformation.
  • Doing research to have a deeper understanding of the Messaging service and how I can leverage messaging and events just like API management in the REST world.
  • Learning about Solace PubSub+ and MuleSoft.
  • Answering questions in the MuleSoft and Solace communities to help others.

What is your favorite thing about being a developer?

I can always learn something new and share it with other people.

What project are you currently working on?

Currently I am working on a project that integrates Solace PubSub+ with MuleSoft. I am designing the reliability pattern to achieve event-driven future-proof architecture that is in line with the Topic best practices so that we can onboard consumers or downstream systems irrespective of who is publishing the message to PubSub+.

What new skills or technologies are you learning?

I’m learning about Solace PubSub+, MuleSoft, and a little about AWS.

How do you learn about Solace PubSub+?

What cool tech trends are you seeing?

We have API Management for REST (like API Gateway and API Portal) for a long time. Similarly, I am seeing the trend of managing a complete life cycle of events like the REST part. Another trend is the integration of enterprise messaging services such as Solace PubSub+ with an integration platform to achieve the reusability and data transformation.

In short, event-driven architecture (EDA), Cloud, and lightweight integration are getting more and more traction nowadays.

What advice do you have for other developers?

Short advice but very powerful: Engage yourself with technology communities, attend meetups, and ask questions as well as read answers by other people.

If you could retire now, what would you do?

I believe in education. I would teach poor people and help them to know the value of education. I would also want to be a farmer. Of course, I would spend time with my family and friends.

If you were a Solace Developer Community admin for one day, what would you do?

I would create a long-term plan on how to better interact with the community members across multiple regions and countries such as having a Solace online or physical meetup once a quarter in Europe, India, UK, USA, and China.

What is your favorite activity outside of the office?

Spend time with my family and friends, listen to music (especially songs in my mother tongue Bhojpuri), and play the online game Ludo King.

What is your proudest accomplishment of the past year?

I got Solace certified! I passed the Solace Certified Solutions Consultant exam in October 2020 and the Solace Certified Event Driven Architecture Practitioner exam in March 2021.

I used to think that it would be very challenging to learn about Solace products and technologies as I am a guy with no coding skills. But believe me, anyone can jumpstart easily whether they have programming experience or not.


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    Loved hearing more about you @manish ! I'm curious, what kind of farming would you do if you were retired?

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    He is my Mentor and my Friend, I am very proud to see this recognition, you deserve it, Manish.

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    It was awesome reading this and getting to know you better, Manish! curious to know what kind of farming as well!

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    First of all, I would like to thanks much to @hong for publishing and featured my name as Developer Spotlight. A great achievement for me , I see nearly 400 people have seen this spotlight in 2 day and getting a lot of message one to one in LinkedIn posted this blog by one of my friend name @Diaz Effect from Mexico.

    Thanks much @Tamimi @trishm @TomF and @Aaron for such amazing opportunity.

    Yes, I love to do farming as full time job. We have acres of land owned by my father in my parental area.
    Basically my farming include such as below:

    • Grains, Dal (pulse ), and mostly vegetable
    • Chicken garden
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    @manish said:
    Yes, I love to do farming as full time job. We have acres of land owned by my father in my parental area.
    Basically my farming include such as below:

    • Grains, Dal (pulse ), and mostly vegetable
    • Chicken garden

    Love it Manish! I grew up on a farm and my favourite chore in the summers was taking care of our large vegetable garden and harvesting all the fruit from our wild apple trees on our property.