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The JavaScript libraries make mention of mobile client applications, can they be used in react-native? if not what is the recommended approach for integrating solace with mobile apps?



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    There is nothing preventing SolclientJS from working in react-native or phonegap or other frameworks. That said, it's not something we actively test in QA. I believe there have been some customers give it a try but I am not sure if they were successful or not.

    I am in product management at Solace and we would certainly be interested in hearing your results if you decide to give it a go.

    Feel free to share here on the community and we can all help out as you go.

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    Hey @adam ! As Andrew mentioned, you can se SolClientJS as a JS lib in your RN application. I have not seen it being used for mobile per se however a there are a bunch of projects using solclient js in frontend frameworks. Check out this Angular Solace client on our Solace Community github org it will give you some inspiration on how solclient-js was wrapped to be used in another framework.

    Happy to hear your input and mobile journey to using Solace in your application, feel free to share here. We can also have your tool/wrapper/implementation on the community github org as well.

    Note: you can always use MQTT in your mobile app as well if you had any RN + solclientjs integration. We have an example about "Building an Event-Driven Kotlin Android App using MQTT and Solace" if you look that up and want to use how mqtt was used.

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    Hey @adam, so I put together this example for MQTT + React Native

    Disclaimer: this starter is totally "as-is." Maybe you can use it as a starting point to learn more, but it relies on some relatively small open source dependencies and hasn't been tested.. definitely not an official Solace starter/recommendation!!

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    Many thanks folks, this is all very helpful. We just got our enterprise licenses and building up use cases.
    I'll surely report back once I get something working!