Try out Event Portal’s new capability and take our challenge!

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Two days ago, I spread the news about the availability of dynamic topics and subscriptions in PubSub+ Event Portal in this post. I also pointed you to a more detailed blog post about this new capability and how to use it. I’m sure after reading the blog post, you’re as excited as we are and ready to try out the new power of PubSub+ Event Portal.

OK. Today I’d like to put out a challenge to you.

Make use of the new capability of the Event Portal to either model your EDA or design a new EDA using Solace’s topic structure best practices. Then share it with the community here.

We’re interested in what you will come up with and how the new capability benefits you.

Looking forward to your engagement!



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    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to share a few of my thoughts on these features.

    I still didn't manage to get some time to try it out first hand, but here are some notes from what a learned from the information available.

    • This is a significant step towards proper event management and governance, based on a great tool.
    • The dynamic topic subscription builder is great! It leverages and tries to promote the proper use of event taxonomy and hierarchy and the use of wildcard subscriptions, which I believe is one of the top features in Solace.

    A few suggestions:

    Automatic Check for Consuming Applications

    • When the event portal checks for Automatic Consuming Applications, it should give the option to mark every application in the list to be reviewed.
    • -- This way, you can always review that "problematic" subscription later, as, most likely, you would have to check with the team responsible for that subscription
    • -- I know there's a link in there to the respective applications, but that is a hassle if there are more than 2 applications that you want to review or change.

    • After marking a subscription for review, it could appear in red in the diagram, like in the diagram below. This way, it would be visible that that subscription needs attention.

    Editing a Subscription

    • When you need to change an existing subscription, for instance, because it's now consuming events it doesn't need (see Automatic Check for Consuming Applications), it doesn't allow you to edit the subscription, just remove it and create a new one. It would be great if we could just edit the existing one.

    Create Enums From existing ones

    • This is really just splitting hairs, but, when setting the Topic Address and creating a new variable level, it would be great if we could create new enums from an existing one. This would allow us to restrict or expand the set of options available for a given set of applications

    As soon as I get a couple of hours, I'll try to do the challenge.


  • hong
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    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the features and the suggestions, @CloudGod! They are really helpful to other members in the community. Can't wait to see what you come up with the new features.

  • dmacrae
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    Hi @CloudGod , I'm the Product Manager for Event Portal, and wanted to thank-you for taking the time to capture and let us know your feedback. I agree this feature set is a big step forward for Event Portal in terms modeling and governance of EDAs. We plan to leverage it for configuration management and audits in future. I appreciate all feedback, and really like your suggestions for usability enhancements as well.

    Related to your first one, at some point we want to implement a design validation capability that when triggered it would flag all aspects of the design that are not complete or that still need attention. This, for example, would flag events that are subscribed to by an application but only manual and not via a "Client Deliver Endpoint" with an associated subscription, or an event without an associated Logical Event Mesh....both valid states when initially 'whiteboarding' an architecture, but not detailed enough the final design. The associated objects will get flagged graphically in the UI and be displayed in a list too. This would be a great place to also display these manually marked applications as other items to follow-up on.

    I also agree with need to add a lot more flexibility in terms of topic address and subscription editing. I'm sure you'll come up a few other suggestions once you have time to get your hands on it.

    We plan to continue to improve the overall user experience along with delivering new features as the product matures, so thanks again for the comments and keep the feedback coming.