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Hi all,

I'm not very good at JavaScript coding. I spent some time on the weekend coding up a simple app that does REST polling every minute (gathering arrival times from a bus stop, via an open API), and publishing the values via MQTT onto Solace broker using MQTT.js.

Now... I've been running the program using nohup node test.js > output.txt 2>&1 & and after several hours it just terminates. No error messages or anything in the output.txt log file (I have both stdout and stderr redirecting). And I have an error hander on the client object, so I don't think it's an MQTT error. So I have no idea why it's just terminating? Is there some NodeJS debugging things I can do, to see why it terminated unexpectedly?? Thanks!!


  • amackenzie
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    Is there a way out of your loop that doesn't create an error condition? Maybe it's just hitting that? With Javascript, it almost always is about async race conditions.

  • giri
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    Node may have crashed due to unhandled rejections (a possibility!). If you can instrument your code with a handler, at least you might know why it crashed (if at all). Refer to for more details.

  • Tamimi
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    Curious to know, are you using setinterval() for your repeated REST request? You can perhaps make it simpler

    async function getArrivalTime() {
      // do your REST fetch here. You can use whatever library so for example I am using fetch from node-fetch here 
      const baseURL = `API`;
      let res = await fetch(baseURL).catch((err) => {
        throw new Error(`Error fetching content from ${baseURL}. ${err}`);
      if (!res.ok) {
        throw new Error(`Response status from ${baseURL}: ${res.status}`);
      // manipulate your response
      // let body = await res.text();
      // Content body from github is base64 encoded
      // return Base64.decode(JSON.parse(body).content);
    setInterval(() => {
      let content = await getArrivalTime();
      // Console logs, write to file...etc
      // MQTT publish to broker
    }, 1000);
    // Note this does it every 1 second!

    and then just run your file node file.js

  • Aaron
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    Hi guys, thanks for the comments.

    I have added some extra try / catch blocks around various logic. There isn't much to my program, so hopefully that catches something. And added a process.on('uncaughtException') as that blog Giri suggested, so hopefully this next run turns up something.

    Thanks Tamimi. My code does a fetch(url) .then(reponse => response.json) .then(json => { some code }); And the whole thing is wrapped in a try / catch block. So no specific error handling on the fetch like yours above, no await... you have two separate error handling checks. Wondering if I should add those?

  • Tamimi
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    My error handling logic is thin the fetching; if the endpoint is malformed and if the return is not 200 OK. I suspect that your error is in a fetch block since its failing silently, and almost most fetch related issues raise errors. Tho you can also add that and check it out