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Can I read the message which was published by solace producer using spring cloud stream, i tried but i am receiving a byte message and getBody of Message interface throws exception.
Even i tried separately as well but got
java.lang.AbstractMethodError: Receiver class com.solacesystems.jms.message.SolBytesMessage does not define or inherit an implementation of the resolved method 'abstract java.lang.Object getBody(java.lang.Class)' of interface javax.jms.Message.
at com.ntpoc.TransactionController.getTransaction( ~[main/:na]
at java.base/jdk.internal.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method) ~[na:na]



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    The javax.jms.Message#getBody() is a method on the JMS 2.0 spec. The Solace JMS API supports JMS version 1.1. In order to read the contents of a bytes message you will need to read via the getBytes method.

    A simple example:
    byte[] bytes = new byte[(int) message.getBodyLength()]; message.readBytes(bytes); return bytes;

    You may also use the SolJmsUtility to read the contents. Check out com.solacesystems.jms.SolJmsUtility#dumpMessage(javax.jms.Message msg)