Tips to clear the EDA practitioner exam!

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First of all, I'm happy to share that I've got my second solace certification, which is the EDA practitioner one. It's a great way to validate the skills and build some confidence as well.

So, I would like to add some tips here that might help y'all in achieving this:

  • The training required for this cert is 'Event Driven Architecture Foundations'. This has everything covered that's needed.

  • I'd suggest everyone to focus on microservices part, like how being event driven can enhance microservices and the overall performance. Focus on the scenarios explained and how to deal with them.

  • That being said, the steps involved in adopting an event driven methodology are just as important along with the design patterns. Understand each and every step deeply and the significance it carries.
    I highly recommend reading this blog -->

  • Lastly, while in this course, you'll be introduced to CodeLabs for some hands-on experience. Go through & implement each step and try to capture as much info. This won't just help in your exam but also in discovering certain use cases and practices.

Thanks, and all the best!


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    Thank you for sharing the tips, @namanmathur16 ! They are really helpful. You can find more tips on the certification exams here.

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    Congrats on your second certification @namanmathur16 and thanks for sharing the tips!

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    Thank you so much!! :)