Clarify Default Values for properties on setters in Solace API Libraries

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Solace comes along with many settings and when using libraries the settings an be changed via setters.

Let's take an example:

In JCSMP: (good as mentioning default)
on Message Class it states clearly what is the default.

"Set the message to be eligible to be moved to a Dead Message Queue. The default value is false.
This setting is only valid for Guaranteed messages (Persistent and Non-Persistent). It has no effect when used for a Direct message unless the message is promoted by the appliance to a Guaranteed message."

In Javascript:

"The new value for Guaranteed Message DMQ (Dead Message Queue) Eligible. When this property is set, when the message expires in the network the message is saved on a appliance dead message queue. Otherwise the expired message is discarded. See solace.Message#setTimeToLive."

So not clear what is the default.

So i recommend to re-work and have a more common documentation on all libs and for any setter the default value should be mentioned. If defaults should be maintained centrally and behave the same across all libs then refer (have link) to a central page and only mention explicit when some libs deviate from it.



  • marc
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    Hi @Robert,

    Thank you for pointing this out. We should definitely be specifying what the defaults are. I'll be sure to bring this to our teams attention. It's much appreciated.

  • Robert
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    @marc welcome. Thanks for taking it up.