Solace throughput scaling

akg17 Member Posts: 76

What is the rate of consuming message/sec for a consumer with 1 concurrency in spring cloud stream app with solace.

Just wondering what would be throughput / hour if there is just one consumer with 1 concurrency smoothly.

Using Physical Solace Appliances.


  • uherbst
    uherbst Member, Employee Posts: 123 Solace Employee

    Hi @akg17,

    The answer is not easy, because the throughput depends on your infrastructure.

    Have you ever thought of doing a performance test with sdkperf (

    1. Use the sdkperf with the same protocol as your application does (e.g. JMS, MQTT,...)
    2. Run sdkperf as near as possible to the place where your application runs.

    With that setup, you can check the maximum throughput reachable in your environment.


  • Tamimi
    Tamimi Member, Administrator, Employee Posts: 499 admin

    Hey @akg17 were you able to run a performance test with sdkperf as @uherbst suggested? i'm curious to know what the metrics are if you can share them please :) Thanks!