Solace - Spring cloud stream binder.

akg17 Member Posts: 76

I found strange issue with my app.

Application should have the bind count to 20 (4 Instance, Each with default 5 concurrency) but it went down to 2, the consumers for that queue stopped consuming and message started to spool.

When i added another instance of the service the bind count went upto 7 and messages were consumed but.. I still don't understand why the bind count went down to 2 at the first place.

We could restart the services also to fix it but, that is not a feasible solution, i don't know what is the root of cause for this strange behaviour.

Any idea what is causing this problem ?


  • giri
    giri Member, Administrator, Employee Posts: 108 admin

    Hi @akg17 - can you share the configuration file?

  • marc
    marc Member, Administrator, Moderator, Employee Posts: 923 admin

    Hi @akg17 as @giri mentioned it would be good to see the configuration but also the application logs should be useful to see what happened. If you are seeing this repeatedly happen please enable debug logs and let it run until it re-occurs to get as much detail as possible.