PubSub+ Support for MAC M-Series Processors Now Generally Available

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Previously we announced the availability of an Early Access release of PubSub+ supporting Apple MACs with M-Series processors.  Today we are happy to announce that this is now Generally Available in PubSub+ version 10.2.1. Now that this functionality is GA, you can get it in all of the normal locations where you get PubSub+ including Docker Hub.  PubSub+ Standard is published as a multi-arch image so, when you pull PubSub+ using Docker Desktop for MAC, it will automatically pull the correct version based on the platform executing the command. It has never been easier to use PubSub+ with your Apple MAC products.

Watch the demo to see how developers can deploy PubSub+ Event Broker on Apple computers using M-series chips with Docker.

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    this is awesome news @hong. Thanks !!

  • radekm
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    Does it mean that all SDKs now support M1 and M2 processors natively?

  • Tamimi
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    Hey @radekm - no, that doesnt mean all SDKs now support M1 and M2 processors natively. Will keep you updated here on the community with any updates around this support !