Has anyone implemented wildcards with topic to queue mapping feature

Kinjal Shah
Kinjal Shah Member Posts: 10

I have one publisher and multiple consumers and using topic to queu mapping feature
my topic name is JNDI/solacemule/countrycode (using jindi for mule-solace connection)
I have created 2 queue(Q1 and Q2) which has topic subscription for /solacemule/countrycode and /solacemule/UK respectively.
As I need filtering on base of country code. please guide me correct way of implementation.



  • Neha
    Neha Member, Employee Posts: 5 Solace Employee

    Hi Krinjal,
    You can very well implement Wildcards in Topic to Queue mapping. So for your example, if you need filtering based country, you can add the following subscription to your Queue:
    Q1 (Gets all messages irrespective of the country code): JNDI/solacemule/>
    Q2 (Get all messages for UK): JNDI/solacemule/UK

    Both topic Wildcards (> and *) can be used on Topic to Queue Mapping.
    You can also use topic exclusion ("!") to exclude a particular topic from the list. (https://docs.solace.com/Configuring-and-Managing/Configuring-Queues.htm#Adding)

    I hope this clarifies your query.