Max Client Queue and Topic Endpoint Flow

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Solace version: hosted on AWS Ec2 instance.

Solace default VPN had 100 as the default setting for various connections. We have updated it to 1000 and restarted the appliance.

Used cmds below to restart the solace:

solacectl cli



Boomi EDi is used to connect to queue as listener. When we got the below error on boomi , we have updated the solace settings to 1000 from 100. Still we are seeing the same error any insights would be helpful.


  • madhu
    madhu Member Posts: 13

    Attached solace settings and boomi error screenshots

  • Aaron
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    Hi @madhu . That basic PubSub+Manager screen doesn't show anything about Flows. Which is what your client error is about. Please check Guaranteed messaging stats:

    I'm not sure if the error is for the whole broker (hitting the max # of Flows), or for the Message VPN, or for the specific queue you're trying to bind to. Check the max configured bind count for the queue you're connecting to, and see how many consumers you currently have bound to it.