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What is Solace topic sequence ? Any use case example ?

AbhikeshAbhikesh Member Posts: 17
edited November 2019 in General Discussions

What is Solace topic sequence ? Any use case example ? Why someone should use it !



  • AaronAaron Member, Moderator, Employee Posts: 88 Solace Employee

    Hi Abhikesh..! Are you referring to the "Sequenced Topics" feature? That was deprecated some time ago. What exactly are you trying to achieve? Perhaps there are other ways.

  • AbhikeshAbhikesh Member Posts: 17

    @Aaron Yes I am referring to the "Sequenced Topics" feature, I do not have any use-case at this moment but just wanted to understand what was use of Solace topic sequence ?

  • VvTVvT Member, Employee Posts: 6

    A Sequenced Topic is a topic subscription for which any matching messages received on the Message VPN are assigned a sequence number that is monotonically increased by a value of one per message.

  • NagaNaga Member Posts: 56

    How is this feature useful for subscribers? Can they fetch data in sequence?

  • VvTVvT Member, Employee Posts: 6

    It is a deprecated functionality as Aaron mentioned, for instance for resequencing later if you have multiple consumers. The following page gives you more information:

  • ChristianHoltfurthChristianHoltfurth Member, Employee Posts: 9 Solace Employee

    What does deprecated mean in this context?
    Does it mean it doesn't work anymore?
    Or it works, but customers are discouraged from using this feature?

  • VvTVvT Member, Employee Posts: 6

    The main usage of this was from SolCache-RS which is now replaced by the new Replay feature.

  • ArunkumarArunkumar Member Posts: 1

    Sequence number is configured at session level,
    If one session sending data to topic A and B then what is the sequence number will be sent is topic A and topic B?
    Is both the sequence number are same for the message or different.

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