Difference between the Boomi Generic JMS Connector and Boomi Solace JMS Connector

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we're evaluating Solace in combination with Boomi. What are the differences between the Boomi Generic JMS Connector or the Boomi Solace JMS Connector?


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    It depends on the use case which connector is appropriate - I'll list the differences below and add a few comments ..
    Generic JMS Connector

    • Mandates usage of JNDI – all destinations must be defined upfront in the Broker's JMS JNDI configuration
    • Dynamic Req/Reply cannot be used

    Solace JMS Connector

    • Does not use JNDI, Supports dynamic queue/topic creation
    • Only supports Direct QoS
    • Does not support transactions
    • Supports wild card subscriptions
      If your use case allows for upfront definition of destinations and requires persistent, transactional messaging the Generic JMS Connector is the right choice.
      If you use fine grained topics you would most likely want to create destinations on the fly and also configure subscribers with wild card topic subscriptions - hence you would use the Solace branded connector

    Finally - you can also use the HTTP/REST and MQTT connectors in Boomi to connect to Solace. For example - the HTTP protocol may be appropriate if you need to connect across firewalls/network zones. Solace also supports publishing messages to REST services exposed by Boomi using REST Delivery Points (RDP).

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    @swenhelge is this something you could assist with?

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    Hope this helps, sjaak

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    Hi Sven,
    Sorry for my late reply but I recently joined this community. It appears that I haven't received email notifications of your replies.

    Looking at it, the way we want to work with Boomi and Solace is support for dynamic queue/topic creation. The reason is simple: that is exactly what Boomi does already when you use the Boomi MQ solution. So that is why I tested the branded Solace connector. Thanks! :smile:

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    I want to add that we have a released a new Solace Boomi connector that is JCSMP based.
    This JCSMP connector will be the preferred connector going forward.
    The benefits of the new Solace JCSMP based connector are:
    Will be extended by Solace over time.
    Support interop with Event Portal.
    We expect better performance from it.