Spring Cloud Stream Batch Consumer and Batch Publisher using Function

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### Publish messages to Topic

spring.cloud.stream.bindings.receiveMessage-out-0.destination = <<Topic Name>>

1st Mircoservice:

Function<Message<List<String>>, List<//USER Defined Object -1//>> receiveMessage()

2nd Microservice:

public Function<List<//USER Defined Object -1//>, List<//USER Defined Object - 2//>> messageReceiver()

This mircroservice listening to the topic is also function with batch-mode = true

The issue faced is , the 2nd Microservice is getting the payload/input as bytes instead of the pojo when in batch-mode = true.

Any inputs/suggestions please?


  • giri
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    Hi @kirthi - If you want to receive messages as a batch in the 2nd microservice, you need to construct the messages as a batch (collection) and return them in the 1st microservice.

    So the function signature of 1st microservice would be

    Function<Message<List<String>>, List<Message<POJO>>> receiveMessage()

    And the function signature of 2nd microservice would be

    Function<Message<List<POJO>>, List<POJO> messageReceiver()

    This seems to do the job - if you have found anything, please share.