Find out Consumers of Particular topic

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Hi All,

How do you find out list of consumers of a particular topic? Would we be able to search who all consuming the given topic?

Let us say, I have below queues subcritpion

Q1 - hello/first

Q2 - hello/second

Q3 - hello/first

Q4 - hello/first

How do you find out the list of Queues who are consuming topics hello/first?



  • Tamimi
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    Hey @Muni - you can leverage the details exposed by SMRP (solace Subscription Management and Routing Protocol) to get a list of queues subscribed to the topic of choice

    show smrp subscriptions topic hello/first

    You can also check further details here

    Hint: if you search for SMRP in the solace community you will get quite a few interesting posts as well that might be helpful.