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Solace Spring Cloud Release Notes

marcmarc Member, Administrator, Moderator, Employee Posts: 144 admin
edited July 20 in Release Notes

v1.1.0 of solace-spring-cloud has been released!
Release info is in github here but I'm also copying below for convenience.
The release is also available on maven central

Solace Projects

Name Version
Solace Spring Cloud BOM 1.1.0
Solace Spring Cloud Stream Starter 2.1.0
Solace Spring Cloud Connector 4.3.0

Global Changes

  • Spring Cloud upgraded to Hoxton.SR6
  • Solace Spring Boot BOM upgraded to 1.1.0

Specific Project Changes

Solace Spring Cloud Stream Starter

  • Add support for consumer concurrency binding-config (#7)
  • Add support for scst_targetDestination message-header to re-route messages to different destinations on a message-by-message basis
  • Remove workaround introduced in 1.0.1 to prevent JVM shutdown. This is now naturally handled by the fix for #7

Solace Spring Cloud Connector

  • Spring Cloud Connectors upgraded to 2.2.8
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