K8s industrial environment

Hi guys,
im the new guy, with a lot of questions - hopefully you can help me :-)
I want to check if the solace broker is a good solution for our industrial k8s environments.

Im wondering because i cant find any helm charts for a production deployment, how do you guys operate your broker in a ha environment?
I found the ressources for the operator (https://github.com/SolaceProducts/pubsubplus-kubernetes-quickstart) but without any release management for the operator.
We prefer to use a gitops operator and no manual interactions.

How do you configure your solace broker, is there a possibility to mount a config file oder define a configmap which automatically load the specific configuration at startup?

I want to use the OPC-UA Connector (https://solace.com/integration-hub/opc-ua/) but i cant find images. The download link doesnt contain any image or Dockerfile.
How can i run it inside a contaier? Do i need to build the container by myself!?

Thx in advance :-)