handle Throw error in Pub/Sub Pattern in Javascript

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I am trying to get my head around how error with a publisher in javascript.

When I invoke a failed connection via false credentials the following code snippet is executed in the Publisher code:

publisher.session.on(solace.SessionEventCode.CONNECT_FAILED_ERROR, function (sessionEvent) {

publisher.log('Connection failed to the message router: ' + sessionEvent.infoStr + ' - check correct parameter values and connectivity!');


i want to catch that error in a try-catch block, just putting a throw new Error does not propagate into a parent try-catch.

can you help me out ?


  • giri
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    Hi, The session/connection status are made available via callbacks on the session and that is the only way it works. If you could give sample snippet as to how you want this to be, maybe we can suggest/explore more.