solace JNDI Connection error

Im trying to fetch a feed of data via a VPN connection. The VPN connection is successful , however the jumpstart kit based on solace when runs throws an error ( screenshot attached). Hence we are not able to receive the data feed.


  • RobO
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    Are you able to resolve extfntb5178 to an IP address? In that specific environment I don't believe there is a DNS server to resolve the hostname. You need to have the hostname/IP address in your /etc/hosts. You should have been given IP addresses in an on-ramp form. If it is there, can you run a trace route/ping to extfntb5178?

  • arih
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    Hi @chirag912,
    Just like what @RobO said, but I also noticed that it seems you're using 'extfntb5178 55555' as a hostname. I don't think that's correct, but you can definitely use the IP address or the hostname, but remove the space and port for now.

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