Browse Message Payloads in Queues

Vempati Member Posts: 7

Dear Team,
Could anyone please share the best possible approach to view the content of the messages queued in solace queues/topics.
1) Do we have any solace apis available to view the message payload?
2) Is it possible via CLI?
Please suggest any better approaches.



  • amackenzie
    amackenzie Member, Employee Posts: 249 Solace Employee

    The way that you would view messages without consuming them is to use a queue browser.
    1) Most of the Solace APIs support queue browsing including Java, C, and .Net. In addition, JMS supports queue browsing should you want to use it. These APIs allow you to receive messages, including payloads, and not acknowledge them (unless you want to delete them).
    2) Not, it is a security principle to separate management interfaces from messaging interfaces. The management interfaces (CLI, SEMPv1/2, Manager UI, SolAdmin) do not have access to message payloads, only header info.

  • rlawrence
    rlawrence Member, Employee Posts: 14 Solace Employee

    Also SDKPerf, a very useful tool for validating performance and exploring features associated with your Solace PubSub+ event broker, supports queue browsing with the -qb option.