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Special characters (/, *,>,!) in SEMPv2

ManikantaManikanta Member Posts: 16

We have queue subscription topics that contain special characters like (/, asterick, !, >). We to want use SEMP V2 to delete particular subscriptions for a queue. I found the below SEMP v2 call to delete.
But, since my subcriptionTopic contains special characters I was unable to make a Http DELETE SEMP V2 API call.
Is there solution for this?
Example subscriptionTopics: 1. ABC///1/2//xyz/> 2. !ABC////ma/2//xyz/>
EX URL: http://{Ip}/SEMP/v2/config​/msgVpns​/{msgVpnName}​/queues​/{queueName}​/subscriptions​/ABC///1/2//xyz/> -->Giving Invalid response
"meta": {
"error": {
"code": 535,
"description": "No paths found for /msgVpns/XXXXX/queues/XXXXXX/subscriptions/ABC/
"status": "INVALID_PATH"
"request": {
"method": "DELETE",
"uri": "http://IP/SEMP/v2/config/msgVpns/MSG-VPN/queues/queueName/subscriptions/ABC///1/2/*/xyz/%3E"
"responseCode": 400
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