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EBAY: AsyncAPI 2.0: Enabling the Event-Driven World

marcmarc Member, Administrator, Moderator, Employee Posts: 361 admin
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I found this article pretty exciting and figured I'd share: AsyncAPI 2.0: Enabling the Event-Driven World

Shekhar Banerjee, a principal architect at Ebay, talks about how they're adopting the use of AsyncAPI for their event-driven initiatives, how they're applying it to their microservices evolution, and even had a few call-outs to some of the tools they found useful so far:
1. Called out the java-spring-cloud-stream-template as "an awesome codegen utility to spring up microservices from an AsyncAPI contract" which is super exciting since it grew out of the Solace Community
2. Mentioned Solace as having AsyncAPI support (Yes, you can export an AsyncAPI document from Event Portal 😜 )
3. Called out the use of Microcks as a mock and test framework

Here's the article:


  • TamimiTamimi Member, Administrator, Employee Posts: 162 admin

    this will open up a world of potential ideas to incorporate real-time Ebay updates in applications!

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