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REST Consumer (RDP) OAuth JWT Authentication

onkar1712onkar1712 Member Posts: 5

Hi All,

I am trying to configure service account authentication from solace REST consumer using OAuth JWT Authentication as specified here: My HTTP endpoint is Cloud Run service in Google Cloud Platform and needs service account authentication.

Now this authentication method is not available in the Solace Broker Management console. There are only HTTP Basic, Client Certificate, and HTTP Header. Now to configure OAuth/OAuth JWT Authentication I need solace CLI which is accessible on doing SSH to the broker machine (why?). So, I SSH to Solace broker as specified here and I could log in (Although, I could not find .pem, .ppk file to avoid putting password every time). After logging into the broker machine, I am not able to put in the commands mentioned in the documentation to create an OAuth JWT token and use it for authenticating the service (REST endpoint). Here is what I see after SSH into the broker machine


  • onkar1712onkar1712 Member Posts: 5

    Here is what I see after SSH into the solace broker. I cant enter the commands for solace.

  • JamilAhmedJamilAhmed Member, Employee Posts: 3 Solace Employee
    edited July 8 #3

    Hi @onkar1712, the feature to connect a REST consumer with OAuth JWT is not available in your version 9.6.
    Can you upgrade your brokers to the latest of 9.9?

    Also just spotted your current broker as being Solace Cloud hosted. Unfortunately the highest version available to deploy there is 9.8 and so OAuth JWT option not available yet.

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