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Queue to Topic Mapping List For Solace VPN

AbhikeshAbhikesh Member Posts: 29 ✭✭

We use Solace queue to topic subscription mapping extensively in our Solace Ecosystem and most of time Application is not aware about underling queue and whenever application face any issue they provide VPN name and topic to administration team to check !

Now from here main pain point begin, because we have multiple queue’s under VPN and same topic might be mapped with multiple queue and it is manual effort to check each queue to find out what all topic Subscription with queue.

Is there any CLI command, which list all queue under VPN, which has topic mapping for provide topic name in CLI command !


  • AbhikeshAbhikesh Member Posts: 29 ✭✭

    I got answer from Solace Support team..

  • TamimiTamimi Member, Administrator, Employee Posts: 217 admin

    Thanks @Abhikesh for the update! Could you please share your solution here incase someone else in the community comes across the same question? Thanks!

  • AbhikeshAbhikesh Member Posts: 29 ✭✭
    edited August 30 #4

    Sure @Tamimi

    We can use command as below to list all queues under VPN has topic mapping for provided topic name in command.

    solace# show smrp subscription message-vpn queue topic

  • AaronAaron Member, Moderator, Employee Posts: 281 Solace Employee

    Yup, good ol' SMRP (Solace's Subscription Management and Routing Protocol)..! 🙌

    Note that if you're looking specifically for queue subscriptions, then I'd suggest adding the term "persistent" to your command. E.g.: show smrp subscriptions message-vpn [VPN] topic [TOPIC] persistent

    Also, the typo above (subscription vs. subscriptions).

    When providing the TOPIC to look for, you can use the wildcard asterisk *. But this is not the same a the topic wildcard... it will match any number of chars. And > doesn't work as a wildcard either:

    0c6dd5f754be> show smrp subscriptions message-vpn default topic solace* persistent
    Flags Legend:
    T - Destination Type (C=local-client, Q=local-queue
           T=local-topic-endpoint, R=remote-router)
    P - Subscription Persistence (P=persistent, N=non-persistent)
    R - Redundancy Type for Local Destinations (P=primary, B=backup
           S=static -=not-applicable)
    Message VPN : default (exported: No; 100% complete)
    Destination Name         Flags BlkID DTO  Subscription
                             T P R       Prio
    ------------------------ - - - ----- ---- ------------------------------------
    q1                       Q P P     0   DA solace/*
    q_pers_processor         Q P P     0   DA solace/samples/*/pers/pub/>
    q_samples                Q P P     0   DA solace/samples/*/pers/>
    q_samples                Q P P     0   DA solace/samples/*/pers/pub/>

    Finally, there is a SEMPv1 command for this, rather than having to use the CLI:

    <rpc semp-version="soltr/9_9VMR">

    Hope that helps anybody else in the future.

    Maybe I should join the Support team?? haha

  • AbhikeshAbhikesh Member Posts: 29 ✭✭
    edited August 31 #6

    Thanks @Aaron for details information and don't move to support team ;);) , else we will miss Informative solace youtube videos. B)

  • TamimiTamimi Member, Administrator, Employee Posts: 217 admin

    lets goooo #teamAaron!

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