PubSub+ Support for MAC M1 Early Release Now Available

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Note: PubSub+ Support for MAC M-Series Processors Is Now Generally Available

The wait is over! I’m excited to let you know that the early release of the PubSub+ container supporting the MAC M1 is now available to our community members. 🙌 With this new early access release, you will be able to create an instance of PubSub+ on your M1 MAC using Docker Desktop.

You can download the EA from:

Please note:

  • The testing was mostly done using Docker Desktop for MAC.
  • For the EA, the ARM64 will be distributed as a tarball that needs to be loaded into the local registry on your MAC.
  • The Early Access version of the PubSub+ Container for ARM64 architecture can be used in a very similar way to the existing x86_64 image.
  • When the GA is delivered, you will be able to just pull from Docker Hub and docker will take care of pulling the correct image for the target system.
  • Otherwise, the existing getting started guide can be used to create an instance on a MAC desktop.

Run the following command to load the image into the local registry:

docker load -i solace-pubsub-standard-100.0arm_proto.0.<version>-aarch64-docker.tar.gz

Then modify the compose temple cloned in Step 1:

  • Edit the PubSubStandard_singleNode.yml file in the template directory
  • Modify the "image:" line to point to the image previously loaded <repository>:<tag>

Enjoy the EA!

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  • kriishan_anz
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    @hong - thanks for the article, it helped me run Solace on my MAC M1 machine. Any update on the release date of GA?

  • PatrickM
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    Is there any update on the CCSMP being available on M1 soon as well? According to @marc it should have been available even before PubSub+.

    Still relying on workarounds to develop services in go on M1 is making teams uncomfortable with embracing Solace.

  • hong
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    @kriishan_anz Sorry for the late reply -- I was off last week. GA for the broker is coming right up in 10.2.1. Should be released before Christmas.

  • kriishan_anz
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    @hong - thanks for the update, Hong.

  • hong
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    @PatrickM We're working on it. We don't have a release date yet.

  • farzadghr
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    Hi @hong ,

    Is there any update to being available on M series?

  • hong
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    Hi @farzadghr The support for M series was already GA in December. See this post. I also added a link to it at the top of this discussion at that time.

  • farzadghr
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    Hi @hong,

    Thanks for quick response.

    That was very helpful, but actually I'm looking to use the Solace lib in Golang (without Docker) on M series.

  • murat
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    Hi @farzadghr,

    Support for M series in our Golang API is coming up in April. We will make a similar announcement to this one once it is released as we have seen a lot of demand for it.



  • farzadghr
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    Hi @murat,

    Thanks for this great update.