Spring Cloud Stream | Batch | TPS | Tuning

kirthi Member Posts: 18

In our micro service, we are using solace binder with SCS, during non-functional testing we found some differences in performance, Could you please help to understand.

  1. service - Processor is used. The TPS is approx 200 TPS.

Function<Message<List<String>>, Collection<Message<SafeStoreObject>>> receiveMessage()

The individual messages are placed in the destination topic/queue.

2. service - Processor is used. The TPS is approx 2000 TPS.

Function<Message<List<String>>, List<SafeStoreObject>> receiveMessage()

Batch messages are combined as one List and placed in the topic/queue.

How to improve the TPS ? only the publishing part takes ample time.

Is it because the acknowledgement of each message is taking a lot of time ?

How to fine tune our service to achieve good TPS ? any property specific to reduce the ack time for the publisher?

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