Go let's Go! Solace PubSub+ Messaging API for Go v1.0.0 πŸš€

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What's the news?? πŸ‘€

Yep you read this correct, the Solace PubSub+ Messaging API for Go is officially generally available for download!

In November 2021, we released the early access version of the API on the community and had a successful wave of developers and users give us initial feedback on the API. We appreciate all the feedback on the closed group. We are excited to finally share the API is now public after hard work and dedication from our internal API team (thank you for your efforts!). Read bellow for more resources and next steps πŸ‘‡

Where can I find resources? πŸ€”

With the new API released, we are here to set you on the path for success when using it. Find below some of the many resources available for you to use.

  1. Know more about the API, motivations behind it, and the supported features by start off with reading @murat's blog post on https://solace.com/blog/go-messaging-api/
  2. @rey featured the Go API in the April Monthly Feature Highlight Training
  3. Check out the Samples on: https://github.com/SolaceSamples/solace-samples-go
  4. The source code of the API is found on: https://github.com/SolaceProducts/pubsubplus-go-client
  5. Go API v1.0.0 Release notes

What's next?

Great question! Here are a couple of things you can do next πŸ™Œ

  1. Use the API! A simple `go get solace.dev/go/messaging` will get you rolling in the deep 🎢
  2. Share your feedback on the community if you have any questions about the API
  3. Share your projects on the community as well. Whether it's a side project or production ready code, we are always interested to know how the API is being used and where its deployed. Remember, you can get lots of inspiration and support from others on the community by sharing!
  4. Participate in future focus group sessions. We will continue the cadence of feature releases, API development, and feedback gathering. If you are on the Go API closed - that's great! If not, you can still join and we will always be reaching out to the members of the closed group first for interest to be part in any community driven initiatives around the new Solace Go API.

!! Bonus Remarks ‼️

We have a live coding event coming up on April 12th! Make sure to click the Remind on button on YouTube to join us for an interactive session with myself, @murat , and @mcardy ! πŸ’₯ Check more details about the event in @hong's community post here

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