Solace spring cloud stream support

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Hi I am a software Engineer and my name is Atul.
Currently our project is making use of rabbit mq and there are two option kafka and solace by which we will replace the solace and i am here to know more about solace i have visited the docs and vedios but they are majorly using functions but as you know i have existing code which is making use of @Input and @Output (Message channel, Subscribeable channel ) channel i still want to make use of same code along with stream listener, couple of more things i need to know i read there is support for DMQ and Error queue what is difference ?
1. I need one error queue autobind with each queue (DLQ = error queue) and when the streamListener throws any exceptions the message should go to DLQ,
2. second how do we siphon it from the queue if using stream listener what should be the changes and configuration.
3. In lower environment the solace may create the topic/queue what about upper environment,
4. Is there dynamic routing support for solace
5. how does the solace handle duplicates
6. Does solace has Exchange type support
7. solace has the option to add info in headers like condition if we want to put condition as well for the topic ?