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Team, I am new to the Solace and i am currently using in the Solace SpringBoot JMS.

I have created a Queue and Published 500 Message to it. I want to implement a Multithreading behavior to my consumer which will consume the message parallelly and process instead of one by one.

I have added the minimum concurrency as 5 and maximum 10. When i start the application , i can see 5 consumers are in active but only one consumer is processing all the Messages. I want to know how we can use all the consumers and process the messages parlelly.

Sample Code:

@JmsListener(destination = "Q/tab/Consumer/test", concurrency = "5-10" )
    public void handle(Message message) {

        counter = counter+1;
        Date receiveTime = new Date();
                "Consumer Process started at Received at " + new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.SSS").format(receiveTime));
        if (message instanceof TextMessage) {
            TextMessage tm = (TextMessage) message;
            try {


                System.out.println("Processed ----" + counter + " so far" );

            } catch (JMSException e) {
        } else {



  • marc
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    Hi @bsudabathula,

    Welcome to the Solace Community!
    Can you check your queue access type under Settings?
    You'd want to use a "non-exclusive" queue to spread the load across multiple consumers. Exclusive would deliver all the messages to the first consumer to connect and treat the others as secondary, tertiary, etc.

    Hope that helps!

  • bsudabathula
    bsudabathula Member Posts: 11
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    @marc Thanks for your quick response. Is it possible to implement a concurrency(5 Threads running parallelly) with a single consumer?

  • RobO
    RobO Member, Employee Posts: 17 Solace Employee

    Yes. The concurrency attribute of the JMS listener will allow for multiple consumer threads.

  • bsudabathula
    bsudabathula Member Posts: 11

    @RobO ,My concurrency attribute set to 5, In this scenario it is creating 5 consumers on my queue. Is it possible to have a single consumer with multiple threads ?

  • RobO
    RobO Member, Employee Posts: 17 Solace Employee

    Check out the @Async annotation. The single consumer thread can invoke a method that has the annotation of @Async with a defined Task Executor (defines the number of threads). Each call to the method should be handled in a new thread and the consumer thread should not block waiting for a return. In other words, the consumer thread should consume the next message and hand it off to the next thread, etc, etc, etc. A simple example of an async method is here.

    A more complex way to accomplish similar capability is to use the Spring Integration framework. You can create a channel (in-memory queue) that the messages can be put onto and then threads can pull from that channel and process. It still uses the TaskExecutor feature from Spring to accomplish this.

  • Aaron
    Aaron Member, Administrator, Moderator, Employee Posts: 487 admin

    Sounds like the Reactor pattern! I made a video on how to modify the JCSMP consumer sample to be multi-threaded..!